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Creative Accounting has held a number of projects and events, take a look below at what is happening soon.



There are no upcoming events, please take a look below at some of our past projects and events. 


On 18 May 2023, an unusual event took place at the recently restored Draper’s Hall, a historic building on Bayley Lane in the Cathedral Quarter of Coventry, built in 1832. Eleven professional accountants gathered for a business-style dinner with canapes, drinks and a three-course meal. However, the aim of the event was not to engage in normal accounting business and networking, in fact quite the opposite....

Drapers Hall, Front View

 Sent to Coventry!

London, Westminster
London, Westminster

Creative Accounting: Growing Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals

​Creative Accounting: Growing Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals 

24th January 2024, 5pm – 7pm

Toynbee Hall

28 Commercial St, London E1 6LS 

Creative Accounting aims to investigate how the creative arts and playful methodologies can disrupt traditional business mindsets, build future work capacity for uncertain and complex environments, and promote more integrated approaches to business. 


The event will feature an immersive creative experience where you will engage with audio and visual work of art developed during a previous Creative Accounting professional engagement event - “Sent to Coventry!”. We will also take the opportunity to launch the “Creative Accounting” report. Discussions will focus on how creative methodologies can be best utilised to open awareness, change behaviour and provoke new ways of thinking, preparing us for future challenges facing the profession. 

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